Equipment Leasing in Ethiopia


Equipment Leasing - Available as of late 2018?

Recently, the Ethiopian Government has decided to allow foreign investors to engage in certain equipment leasing activities.  We anticipate to be granted a license by the National Bank of Ethiopia soon. Then we will  lease a range of  carefully selected quality equipment  to qualifying businesses in Ethiopia.  We will serve multiple sectors, including manufacturing, food processing, energy, and agriculture. We offer finance leases in combination with a maintenance agreement and insurance. 


First Lease, then Own

Our customers, who lease equipment through a finance lease, have an option to buy the equipment once the lease has ended, for a modest purchase price, typically at or below the then market value.


No Foreign Currency Needed

We import the equipment - and lease it to you in Ethiopian Birr (ETB). 

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Ethiopian Capital Goods Finance Business SC (isn)

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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